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The Complete Step by Step Guide to Boarding Schools - Boarding Options

There’s still a degree of mystique and misinformation on what modern boarding schools offer. Have you ever wondered what is an ‘independent school’ in the UK? You need a complete guide to help you navigate boarding school options.

To provide children, young people and parents with a full picture of independent school life and education, we are creating a step by step guide to boarding schools. This four-part article will particularly help you to appreciate the many advantages of Rendcomb College.

Part one of four is an overview of the scope and type of boarding options that are available.

Remember, many leading independent schools like Rendcomb College welcome day pupils. However, for many parents, finding high-quality residential schooling is not just practical, but also preferable.

We have published other blogs about how boarding schools produce such well-rounded, confident and socially intelligent graduates. This blog is more about the practical boarding options at Rendcomb College. You will see that the various possibilities celebrate and support the diversity of modern family lives and requirements!

Day boarding

If you are fortunate to live nearby, your children can still benefit from the many rich educational experiences and personal development opportunities provided by a boarding school. At Rendcomb College we have several pupils in each year group who enjoy our small class sizes and educational acumen, and who also engage in broad extracurricular activities, before returning home each evening.

 Late Stay options

Some boarding school day pupils have parents whose work schedules extend beyond the traditional 9 to 5. As part of our determination to be flexible to the realities of modern life, we are happy to arrange for day boarders to stay beyond the normal school day, before being collected by responsible adults.

In fact, students are welcome to stay at school until 6 pm at no additional charge, and later for a nominal fee that includes a delicious and nutritious supper.

Full Boarding/ Weekly Boarding

The majority of pupils at our leading boarding school opt to take advantage of residential accommodation that supports their learning and personal development. They are accommodated in one of our four boarding houses, where they are cared for by well trained ‘professional parents’.

Pupils in residence here include weekly boarders, who return to their homes each weekend, and potentially some weekday evenings too.

Others are full boarders, who stay with us throughout term time (and by special arrangement across some traditional holidays too). If they do get the chance for term-time home visits for a night or weekend, this can easily be arranged.

One thing you can be sure of is that all students who chose prolonged stays at boarding school are supported to have full, fun leisure time. This is balanced with enough privacy for those who enjoy a healthy amount of solo activities and peace and quiet.

Occasional Boarding

Some day boarders at Rendcomb College find it beneficial to occasionally stay overnight. We are always happy to accommodate these requests when space is available, even if they are last minute. Having access to such beautifully designed living quarters, and the services of trustworthy houseparents can be hugely reassuring for parents who need to arrange emergency boarding stays at school, or for pupils attending events and activities that finish late.

Flexi Boarding

This option for boarding school is another response to the needs of contemporary families, especially those parents who travel for business or who have regular commitments that take them away from home.

It is possible for day pupils to stay overnight regularly on pre-selected dates. This doesn’t need to be a fixed pattern, nor do the nights have to be consecutive, as long as the arrangements are made in advance.

This also enables Rendcomb College to provide safe, comfortable and caring overnight stays for day pupils during periods of intense study for exams, for example.

How to choose a boarding school option

Rendcomb College firmly believes in treating each pupil as an individual, and all education and development opportunities are crafted around their needs, interests and goals. We also understand that no one family is the same as the next!

To decide the boarding school experience and arrangements that best suit you, the first step is to get in touch. We would be pleased to discuss any special needs requirements too.