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A better way to learn; educational opportunities at Rendcomb College


“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” Benjamin Franklin

The national curriculum in Britain has been carefully developed to provide the insights and abilities that students will need for their future employment. While supporting that at Rendcomb College, we also believe that education should be about enrichment, and developing skills and experiences that make life “better” in general.

For this reason, our school timetable features the topics you would expect within an ambitious seat of learning. A great deal of time and care is dedicated to helping our students prepare for exams, and to reach education standards that match their full potential.

However, we also offer studies and exploration of topics that may not be so “standard” to ensure that each student can develop their individual passions, interests and skills.


Why the arts matter in education

Alongside the core subjects for education, Rendcomb College provides ample opportunities for students to participate in sports. We also invest in opportunities for students to explore music, drama and art. 

The value of arts is something we protect fiercely, at a time when funding elsewhere is squeezed, and activities are marginalised.

That’s because we believe that having access to the arts is important to help young people to explore their own identities and their cultural heritage. It develops abilities to express themselves freely, with confidence and creativity. Without imagination and a thirst for innovation, young people would be ill-equipped to face the world of the future.

Leadership, communication and cooperation skills

This holistic and forward-looking approach is also reflected in the way we offer students opportunities to develop vital social interaction skills. From nursery through to A-level studies, our seamless education provision supports ever-improving communication, social interaction, teamwork and problem-solving. Rendcomb College also stimulates leadership and mentoring abilities.

As outlined within our article on our beautiful estate (link to blog) Rendcomb College also encourages students to develop confidence, imagination, motor skills and good health by providing access to outdoor pursuits and spontaneous adventures. Sometimes, the best “classroom” is the natural landscape.


Mainstream topics taught individually

Even core curriculum topics are taught at Rendcomb College in a manner that helps to stimulate interest and involvement. We actively encourage students to ask questions, make their own discoveries and explore their own ideas. This process is supported by staff who are truly passionate about expanding young minds, rather than being entirely focused on “school league tables” and exam results!

Extensive study options for exams

The diversity and excellence of our education is why Rendcomb College has such a strong track record for supporting students with a wide range of abilities and personal interests. 

A quick glance at the A level options at Rendcomb College gives you a flavour of this inclusive learning environment. Of course, future doctors can opt for Chemistry and other sciences, but those whose interest lies in the arts are equally supported to study Photography or Drama & Theatre Studies for example.

The same diversity is reflected in subjects taught for GCSEs. For example, pupils can learn French, but to cover a wider range of needs and interests we also offer Spanish, German and English as an additional language at Rendcomb College.

It’s about opening minds, and not putting students in boxes!

To delve further into the subjects taught at Rendcomb College and to discuss the wealth of “off timetable” learning potential we offer, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.