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Horse riding at Rendcomb College

Countless generations of children – primarily girls – have dreamed of owning their own horse. They picture themselves riding it to fame and fortune in competitions or using their equine friend for fun hacks along beaches and country lanes.
Some young people are fortunate enough to realise that ambition, but many more can still enjoy learning to ride a horse with local stables.
For pupils at the boarding school Rendcomb College, this is not only possible, but it is also actively encouraged and supported. Horse riding is just one of the most popular options on this independent school’s full programme of extra-curriculum activities.
For horse-mad young people, it could be a vital component in the decision to opt for private, residential education.
The ‘unbridled’ joy of horses
Apart from the obvious enjoyment students get from being around these noble beasts, it makes infinite sense for us to be a residential school offering horse riding. Rendcomb is situated in one of the most beautiful areas of countryside in Europe. Which in turn means that the Cotswolds has some of the best horse trails in Britain, as well as quiet lanes where novice riders can learn road sense.
We are well served by highly professional and safety conscious riding stables nearby too, companies proud of their association with Rendcomb College and delighted to ‘harness’ the ambitions of our students with level-appropriate coaching.
Many students return home at weekends to use their own horses for enjoyment or competition too, having had opportunities to practice during the school week.
Horse riding as a new skill
Not all Rendcomb College students are already avid horse-fans when they arrive at our door!
One of our commitments as an educator and developer of young people is to offer opportunities to learn new skills, abilities and confidence.
This is another reason why riding and caring for horses is actively promoted to our Cotswold residential school pupils.
Horse riding is a valuable hobby for young people, whether they compete or not. It is great exercise and gets young people out into the fresh air. It can also provide important posture, balance, muscle tone and core strength values.
You don’t even need to be on a horse to benefit!
Being around them can promote good mental and emotional health. The therapy values of interacting with animals are widely appreciated. Helping to care for a horse and prepare it for riding can teach life skills such as being responsible for the safety and comfort of the animal, yourself and other people.
More reasons for equine enjoyment

Of course, Rendcomb College also offers excellent access to horse riding opportunities simply because being around horses can be fun! The school believes its students are far more open to learning in the classroom if they are happy and have an enjoyable time outside the classroom.
For some students, the wealth of opportunity for learning new skills at Rendcomb College is a way of preparing for a career too. We have students who have left us to study veterinary medicine at University for example.
Or, senior students working towards their Duke of Edinburgh Awards can meet an important aspect of the scheme with a course of horse riding lessons arranged around their studies.
Exploring abilities and leisure preferences

Horse riding is one of the many options for sports and leisure activities at our residential school in the Cotswolds. All our students have an age-appropriate commitment to these, within our individualised programme to educate and develop them.
For other pupils, our extensive extra-curriculum offering (link to the list) is also an exciting way to fill time in evenings and weekends, while learning new skills with friends.
Either way, we don’t ‘hound’ our young people to ‘horse around’ but we do offer them ‘stable’ opportunities to be ‘hot to trot’ when it comes to horse riding!