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How Rendcomb College Supports International Students

Why do non-UK parents choose to enrol their children at a British boarding school? This guide investigates Rendcomb College’s cultural support and enrichment, which underpins a superb independent school experience for international citizens.

The British education system has been globally respected for centuries. This has led to a substantial number of international students enrolling in leading independent schools, as well as widespread interest in studying at UK Universities.

In 2019, the UK won the top slot in the “Best Countries for Education” study conducted by a US research and news body. 

Not surprisingly then, overseas parents who want the best boarding school experience for their sons and daughters regularly have Rendcomb College recommended to them.

Why is that, and how does Rendcomb College nurture and support foreign students?

More than British education values

As you would expect of a boarding school of this calibre, our reputation is firmly based on high-quality teaching and the breadth of subjects that are the hallmarks of Britain’s enviable education system.

This creates fertile ground for students from all countries to progress seamlessly to the top universities in the UK. Not to mention providing an easier transition into Britain’s world-class scientific, financial and medical sectors, for boarding school graduates in later years.

However, the decision to send children to board with us – from Europe, the Americas and Asia for example - extends much further than what happens in the classroom. Many overseas students are placed in our care to benefit from the nurturing and protective boarding school lifestyle, and diverse extracurricular activities we offer.

Perhaps the icing on the cake for those considering Rendcomb College is the location of this highly recommended boarding school. We are situated in extensive grounds within the glorious Cotswolds, offering international students and their visitors a truly wonderful place to live and stay.

The complete package, for individual students

Having ticked all the right boxes for international parents and students, there are still important considerations that influence how to choose the right British boarding school. It comes down to the personal happiness of each girl or boy.

Coming to board at even the best independent schools in the UK can be daunting. Homesickness becomes more of an issue when you are potentially thousands of miles away from family.

Rendcomb College never overlooks these important emotional factors, and provides international students with individually tailored, and devoted support. Much of this hinges on the Houseparents who live within accommodation moulded around the various age groups.

Some students communicate or show their concerns and feelings. The true mark of our nurturing environment for boarders is being able to identify and work with children who try to hide those things. From a position of being genuinely caring professional parents, our team can quickly help our international students to restore their equilibrium and fully embrace boarding school life.

Practicalities of attending a top British boarding school

Much of the ‘proof’ of this enriching and supportive environment comes with time alongside anecdotal boarding school testimonies from international parents and students.

However, the more practical side of sending a child to Britain for a first-class education and personal development is straightforward. Or at least it is if you choose Rendcomb College, which has the experience and systems in place to make it ‘painless’.

This starts with helping parents or guardians with travel arrangements for children travelling to and from the UK for boarding school. We take responsibility for the student at an early point in the process, to ensure they arrive and leave safely, confident in their care arrangements. This includes well-safeguarded airport transfers. Such arrangements are also charged at a fair and transparent price.

Do you need a visa to attend a British boarding school? For many international students the answer is yes, but our specialist Visa Administrator is happy to help parents through the application. In fact, our experienced team can support families with all the temporary residence arrangements for international boarders.

Cultural diversity at boarding schools

Welcoming students who are citizens of countries worldwide has a particular significance to Rendcomb College. Having such a diverse school community benefits everyone! Staff and our UK-based students gain new knowledge and appreciation from being around children and young people from a wonderful mixture of countries, cultures and heritages.

The Rendcomb College Cultural Enrichment Programme encapsulates the way the school knits together world influences and perspectives. For example, we celebrate important international events including Chinese New Year and North American Thanksgiving. Our boarding school also holds evenings of traditional overseas dance, food, games and music, to widen all of our horizons.

This is all part of our work to embrace and celebrate the rich diversity of our student community – in terms of their various levels of ability and achievement, as well as their different life experiences.

International students at Rendcomb College will have a home away from home, but will also bring much of their own heritage into our vibrant and warm boarding community.