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Junior School

The School Day

Morning registration is at 8.20am and classrooms are open from 8.10am. If a pupil arrives before, there is supervision from 7.45am at no cost. At the end of the day, pupils in Nursery may leave school at 3.30pm. Pupils in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 may leave school at 3.40pm, and pupils in Year 3 to 6 may leave school at the end of lessons at 3.50pm.

After school care is available until 6pm from Monday to Friday and until 5pm on the Friday of our Exeat weekends. Charges are applicable.

Many pupils use the Rendcomb College bus services which currently run from the Cirencester, Swindon, Cheltenham, Fairford, Kemble and Stroud areas. Further details can be obtained from the Bursar’s office on 01285 831562.

A Typical Day
8.10am Classroom opens with free play - Puzzles, Playdoh
9.00am Registration and Singing
9.15am Adult led activities and Free play such as: Mark making with paints, Counting games and Role play (eg. a post office)
10.00am Snack time 
10.20am Outside play
11.00am Cooking or Forest School
11.45am Story time
12.00pm Lunch time
12.55pm Outside play
1.30pm  Quite time / Story time
1.50pm Adult led activity and free play such as: French, Ballet and Music
3.00pm Biscuit time
3.15pm Story time
3.30pm Home time
Year 1 -2
8.10am Classroom opens
8.30am Phonics
9.00am Numeracy activities
9.40am Music
10.10am Snack and Break time
11.00am Literacy activities
12.00pm Lunch
12.45pm Break Time
1.10pm Swimming or Art/DT or IT/Computing
3.15pm Story Time
3.40pm End of lessons
3.40 - 4.30pm Optional Activities
Year 3-6
8.10am Classroom opens                                     
8.35am English
9.15am English
9.55am IT/Computing
10.35am Snack and Break
11.00am Geography
11.40am History
12.20pm Lunch and Break
1.20pm Assembly or Chapel
1.40pm Science
2.20pm Games/P.E.
2.40pm Games/P.E.
3.50pm End of lessons
4.00-5.00pm Optional activities