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Drama Boarding School

What are the benefits of drama for pupils and how does Rendcomb College cater for those wishing to pursue a career in the creative arts?
Acting, singing and dancing are all thriving and exciting parts of life at Rendcomb College. Every year senior productions are staged, alternating between plays and musicals, with recent productions including "We Will Rock You," “The Crucible” and “Les Misérables.” From costume design to stage management and lighting, everyone is encouraged to take part. The hard work really does pay off - the productions are simply spectacular!


Benefits of Drama for School Pupils

At Rendcomb College, we understand how important self-expression, creativity and confidence are for our pupils. They are all encouraged to participate in drama classes and productions from Nursery through to Sixth Form boarding.


Drama builds confidence

Whether at nursery or boarding school, we believe that acting, singing and dancing are all brilliant ways for pupils to express themselves and build their confidence - getting on stage in front of a crowd takes courage. The confidence developed through drama is not only useful for pupils looking to pursue the arts but in all avenues of a pupil’s life - from school to their career and personal life. 

We take pride in the nurturing environment we offer, allowing pupils to really explore and use their imagination. This enables them to build their confidence, self-esteem and feel supported by their teachers and peers.


Drama develops creativity

From improvisation to musicals and plays, drama is a unique form of creative expression in which pupils are able to explore new worlds, embody different people and learn about different aspects of life. Encouraging them to think outside of the box, pupils are creatively challenged to come up with new and innovative ideas to truly let their imaginations run wild, in a safe and supportive environment. 


Drama develops empathy and concentration

Acting requires pupils to play different characters, taking on unique roles and perspectives. This process allows them to develop a better understanding of different people, situations and cultures. From this, they develop empathy and emotional intelligence, which are both brilliant skills for pupils to have in school and to carry forward in their lives beyond the classroom. 

Acting also requires pupils to really focus on their mind, body and voice, allowing them to develop both their concentration and memory. This is particularly the case when learning a new role and lines for a stage production.


Drama encourages teamwork, collaboration and support of peers

Much like many aspects of the real world, teamwork is key in drama. Without strong teamwork, stage productions and performances simply could not take place. This is why drama at Rendcomb College is such a strong platform for pupils to adopt a supportive and collaborative attitude, encouraging their peers and working together to ensure the performance is a success.


Drama improves verbal and non-verbal communication skills

Performing can help pupils to develop their communication and presentation skills, as well as their speech. This includes their articulation, expression, vocabulary and vocal projection, all of which are great skills to have. Drama really can develop pupils into being better communicators. 


Rendcomb’s Facilities

In 2017, Rendcomb College opened its new £3.3m Performing Arts Centre in the heart of our campus. Available to pupils throughout the College, The Griffin Theatre provides industry-standard performance and rehearsal space for students to practice, perform and nurture their creative talents. The theatre has extensive facilities for budding actors, as well as for pupils who wish to pursue the technical side of drama and productions. It is a space for all to enjoy and welcome everyone to join us in our productions in one form or another. 

Additionally, Rendcomb operates LAMDA throughout the school with choices of specialisation in Acting, Musical Theatre, Verse and Prose and Speaking in Public. These are all available as an individual or shared lesson. Our students also have frequent opportunities to visit the theatre and to work with well-known theatre practitioners such as Frantic Assembly during bespoke workshops.

At Rendcomb College, drama scholarships can be applied for preceding Year 7, Year 9 and Year 12 entry. Drama is offered at GCSE and Drama and Theatre Studies is offered at A-Level.

To find out more about drama at Rendcomb College, please click here.


Recent Success Stories

Mia, who left our Sixth Form in 2020, secured a place at ArtsEd in London to study Musical Theatre. Another of our Old Rendcombians was also an extra in Bridgerton


Visit Rendcomb College

Throughout the academic year, there are a number of events held at Rendcomb College for those looking to join our school. Our open days and information evenings offer attendees the chance to meet our subject teachers, Heads of Department, Houseparents, pastoral team and current students, making it the perfect insight into life at Rendcomb College. We hope that you will be able to develop a better understanding of the exceptional environment that we have here, particularly for budding actors and actresses.


To attend one of our events, please contact our Admissions Team on or 01285 832 306, and they will be delighted to put arrangements in place for you.