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Incredible Experience at the England Hockey TA Festival

Talented Rendcomb College pupil, Arwen, had an incredible time at the England Hockey Talent Academy Festival, mixing with the finest hockey talent across the UK. There were over 800 young students at the festival this year.

For the three days, Arwen stayed at the university campus with her team, Team Bath Buccaneers, playing and working together. This was an incredible opportunity to strengthen their bond further as a team and meet new people. With 48 teams, 24 girls and 24 boys, there was plenty of chance to watch games and talk to others!

Each Hockey game was videoed which allowed the teams to review their games for improvements and strategy. The teams competed in 3 games each and were ranked on goal outcome and goal difference.

Team Bath Buccaneers got in lots of practice and had a great time gaining fantastic experience in their matches against the other teams. This was Arwen’s first time at the festival, but we are sure there are only more fantastic games to come. Arwen’s family attended the matches during the day to show their support.

Lacrosse team (Arwen front far left)

A list of Talent Academies involved with the tournament can be found at Schools from all over the UK, both independent and state, make up the wonderful talent academies.

Outside the England hockey talent academy Arwen takes part in the sports offered at Rendcomb College, such as Hockey and Lacrosse. She has also had roles in our senior drama productions, such as the recent production of the Caucasian Chalk Circle. For a full list of extra-curricular sports available head to:

Caucasian Chalk Circle production (Arwen centre)

We wish Arwen all the best with her hockey career, and cannot wait to see what she does next!