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Is Boarding School Worth it?

Taking the leap into investing into a private and/or boarding school education is an exciting time for both parents and pupils, as it means new beginnings. But with so many high-profile and well-regarded schools taking admissions, how do you know which one is best for sending your child to, and which one will make the most of your funds? It's no secret that private and boarding schools can be expensive, so the question lies, is boarding school worth it?

Specialist Teaching

Life at a private school brings with it a first-class education with professionals who are passionate about their subject and experts in their field, meaning pupils are receiving an education that not only helps them towards their studies but is also tailored to their needs. 

Choosing a boarding school over a state-funded primary or high school allows you to explore what options are available to bring out the best of your child’s potential. Unlike your local schools which are a one-size-fits-all institution, there are a wide variety of leading public schools who specialise in a number of areas. For example, Rendcomb College is proud of its heritage in performing arts, exploring in depth art, drama, music as well as the universal curriculum. 

Structure and routine

One of the most important benefits to many families considering boarding school, is the structure and routine it can bring to a child's life. For many families relocations are part and parcel of working life, however boarding school can act as a stable location for pupils to maintain friendships and focus on studying. Our boarders have a weekly structure in place that includes time to finish any homework or work due outside of school hours. Sports and extracurricular activities are also part of the school day, so there's no worry about missing out on activities and taking a well needed break from studies.

Skills Development

A decision to send your child to boarding school also gives them the opportunity to develop life skills and their own natural abilities. School is a time to grow and find yourself and what you’re interested in. For some this may be academia, for others perhaps a more creative path. Either way, boarding schools offer pupils the chance to hone their skills and flourish. 

Friends for Life

Then comes the social side. Life at a private school is like a big family — whether pupils are attending day school or are boarding. They make strong friendships where they support and build each other up, plus bring value to family life outside the premises. 

Excellent Facilities & Resources

It is well-known that private schools have excellent facilities and resources - whether it be smaller class sizes or an industry-style theatre. Our alumni have gone onto successful careers in the creative industry and praise the facilities and academic teaching from its staff which prepared them for a life in such industry. Not to mention our impressive sports facilities and work spaces, which are fully equipped with the latest technologies. 

Attending private/boarding school isn’t just a stepping stone to propelling you to life after public school. As mentioned in a previous blog, there are a huge number of benefits that make private and boarding schools worth investing in


We understand that the financial commitment can be overwhelming, that’s why we offer a number of options depending on your circumstances. Rendcomb College is supportive of forces families and is able to offer discounted feeds to those in the Armed Forces or Diplomatic Services. 

We also have a number of scholarships and bursaries available based on the assessment of a pupil’s potential and how they can add value to life at the school. Each application is accessed annually and judged on their own merit and application progress. More information and the full list of fees is available on our website along with the application timetable

So in answer to the question; is boarding school worth it? At Rendcomb College, we certainly believe so, with parents praising the quality of schooling and social aspects that come with it too. But a private school is only successful because of its people, and we’re grateful to have renowned staff and students who make the entire experience a pleasure.