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Life After Sixth Form

At Rendcomb College, we understand that each and every pupil is different. It is why we tailor their learning and growth to their unique individual needs, particularly when preparing them for life after sixth form. 

For some pupils, going to university is the right next step. But that isn’t always the case. This is why we work with our sixth form pupils to guide and prepare them for life after sixth form, helping them to develop a plan that works for their unique needs and long-term aspirations. Part of this plan development includes exploring all options available to them such as apprenticeships, employment and more.



Apprenticeships are a fantastic way for school leavers to gain workplace experience whilst earning an industry-relevant qualification. Developing the skills and experience required to progress in a variety of careers, apprenticeships give pupils the chance to earn while they learn in a supportive environment. From accounting to law, there is now a whole range of apprenticeships available for school leavers to choose from, some of which are with the world’s largest corporations including Amazon, Google and Unilever. These apprenticeships range from level 3 qualifications to degree-level qualifications.



Going straight from sixth form into employment can be daunting, but it is a brilliant way to get started for those looking to take the first step of their career. Building confidence and experience, it helps pupils to understand the kind of job they want longer-term, as well as meeting new people, gaining valuable real-world experience and further developing their interpersonal skills.


Gap Year

Gap years can be useful for developing a pupil’s CV, confidence, independence and skills. Giving school-leavers the chance to travel and experience the real world, gap years can be a fun and exciting way for them to develop a better sense of self and the world around them. The benefits of taking a gap year include experiencing a different culture, learning a new language, developing new life skills, boosting job prospects and self-development.



Much like apprenticeships, internships are a great way for pupils to earn while they learn. It gives them the chance to work at a company, learn new skills and gain valuable insight and experience in a particular field or job role. They can really help to prepare pupils for the world of work. Internships can also lead to offers of full-time employment, as well as making valuable connections with people in their chosen sector. 



University gives pupils the chance to enter into higher education to further develop their knowledge and skills in a specialist subject at a degree level qualification. Opening doors for various career paths, it is the most common next step for sixth form leavers in the UK. It is also a particularly useful route for students looking to pursue careers in medicine, veterinary science and law.


Preparing pupils for the real world

Our Sixth Form offers pupils a safe and supportive environment in which their excellence is nurtured and they are encouraged to become fully-rounded individuals ready for adult life. From helping our Sixth Form pupils choose the right A-Level subjects for their individual needs to support them throughout the UCAS application process, our dedicated team offers pupils the support they need to thrive at school and beyond. Our Garden House acts as a stepping stone for pupils in this regard. Pupils are required to live in Garden House, a dedicated 4-bedroom cottage on our grounds, for a week during term time and be totally self-sufficient. They are given a budget and very little else. It is then up to them to organise and arrange their time and money wisely to see them through the week. In doing so, they gain valuable experience in cooking, cleaning and laundry as well as time and budget management. They leave the experience with a new found respect for their parents by the end of the week!


Visit Rendcomb College

Throughout the academic year, we hold a number of events for those looking to join our sixth form. Our Sixth Form Information Evening offers attendees the opportunity to meet our subject teachers, Heads of Department, Houseparents, pastoral team and current Sixth Form students. It is the ideal insight into life at Rendcomb College Sixth Form, and we hope that you will be able to develop a better understanding of the exceptional environment that we have here.


To attend our Sixth Form Information Evening, please contact our Admissions Team on or 01285 832 306, and they will be delighted to put the arrangements in place for you.

If you’d like to find out more about our sixth form, please do not hesitate to get in touch - our team should be delighted to answer your questions. Please drop us an email at or give us a call on 01285 831 213. Alternatively, you can visit us on one of our open days throughout the academic year.

For UK Admissions enquiries, please call the above number or email 

For International Admissions enquiries, please call the above number or email