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Revision Tips for Parents - How to Help Your Child with Revision

Help your child prepare for their exams, by understanding the revision process and how you can help as a parent. In a pupil’s educational journey, revision and subsequent exams are part and parcel of progression. While revision and preparation can help ease stress, for many, it presents it’s own challenges. 

Why is it important to help your child with revision?

Parents play an important role in a pupil’s education, especially in the lead up to exams, which can feel like a pressured time. From supporting your child with motivational revision advice, to ensuring they have all the tools to revise effectively at home, preparing for exams is a process shared by all the family. 

The saying “You get out what you put in” epitomises the importance of revision. But finding what works best for each student, is the key to exam success. While one shoe doesn’t fit all when it comes to learning and revision, there are steps every parent can take to help support children through their revision and exams.

We have put together our top five revision tips for parents, to give an example of how collaborative working can help your child revise effectively from home.

Top 5 Revision tips for parents: 

  • Create an Effective Working Environment - A quiet place to work with no distractions is best for concentration. Whether that’s a family study room, the dining room table, or a desk set up in the bedroom, the continuity of working in one space can help channel the revision mindset when at home.

  • Check Exam Specifications - All exam boards publish these in advance along with practise papers. Please feel free to contact your child’s teacher directly to find out where it is best to get these resources from.

  • Make a Diary of Key Dates - GCSE and A-Levels will have dates set in stone for the examination day. Work with your child on their revision timetable to work towards these key dates as effectively as possible.

  • Make Sure to Stick to the Schedule - With hours of revision time added to the schedule it is important to keep on top of your child’s timing. Especially if carrying out timed mock essay-based exams.

  • Be Understanding - Revising for exams can be a stressful time for students and it is vital for parents to be calm and respectful of this pressured time. Revision apps and online resources are a great way to get assistance on a whole range of subjects and techniques.

In case your child might have missed it, we also have a blog on student revision techniques, aimed to help students manage the revision process.