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The Benefits of Boarding for Sixth Form Students

The prospect of independent living is an exciting one for teenagers who are edging closer to becoming adults. A time to thrive and truly find themselves whilst side by side with their peers who share the same passions and boarding school journey as one another. Unlike usual sixth form colleges, a sixth form boarding school offers a captivating environment in a specialist sixth form manner. There are plenty of benefits to consider.

An Independent Ideal

A UK boarding school offers the best of both worlds. A place where students can have more freedom than before whilst also being under the provision of tutors and houseparents in a relaxed and welcoming way. It’s their first opportunity to take a leap into adult life with our self-catered boarding accommodation and the chance to manage their own budget- preparing them for university and life after school. The facilities on site, such as our nightclub The Crypt, allows them to let their hair down and interact with their friends. Unlike daily independent schools where pupils return home at the end of the academic day, boarding school gives pupils the chance to decide on their own schedule after studies and create new hobbies and memories.

A Thriving Academic Environment

Having accommodation on site, sixth form pupils really do live, eat and breathe the boarding school life. There are many advantages to this as everything is under one roof meaning the students have the facilities around them at their own disposal and also to libraries as and when needed. The fact that pupils live with peers and students from their academic classes means that they can bounce ideas off each other, revise together and also build each other up when struggling with different subjects. This can be challenging when at home with parents because sometimes they don’t have all the answers. By living and learning together, they can thrive together.

Leading Facilities and Tutors

Boarding schools across the country have a wide range of world-class and impressive facilities. From preparatory school to senior school, boys and girls throughout their educational lives get the best from their tutors and their respective school. From academic lessons to an impressive extra-curricular list of activities, it’s an environment above your standard education where school pupils aged 16 and over can be their very best. Class sizes are smaller so that each and every student can get the attention and assistance they need whilst being given the finest education. At Rendcomb College in particular we boast an industry leading theatre for our performing arts students to stretch their creativity in art, music and drama, along with our impressive sports outlets too. Alongside, The Old Rectory which is a dedicated space for sixth formers to study, relax and learn together.

A Family Like No Other

As many alumni have declared, boarding at sixth form truly provides a family feel. Your friends become your go-to on good days and bad, and you create memories that last a lifetime. By living, socialising and growing together it really is a family like no other, many of whom are still close companions years to follow. Boarding schools also provide high-quality support and pastoral care as we understand that there will be moments which can be challenging. Our empathetic and understanding team will always talk to pupils in confidence and provide solutions to their issues.

Insider Careers Assistance

The step from secondary school to sixth form is a big leap. Pupils are honing their skills and looking ahead to potential careers and adult life. It’s a time where individuals are exploring whether university is for them or if other options, such as going straight into working life would be preferable. During this uncertain yet exciting time, careers teams are always on hand to point pupils in the right direction and offer leading advice. We can also help to enhance CVs and applications by suggesting extra-curricular activities such as the Duke of Edinburgh’s Gold Challenge, becoming President of a club or building a portfolio.

The benefits of boarding at sixth form are plentiful. At Rendcomb College we support parents and pupils at each point in their journey when joining the school, whether that’s through scholarships and bursaries, our pastoral care, teacher support and much more. We have dedicated dormitories in both Lawn and Stable House which truly become a home from home for each and every student.


Throughout the academic year, there are a number of events held at Rendcomb College for those looking to join our school. Our open days and information evenings offer attendees the chance to meet our subject teachers, Heads of Department, Houseparents, pastoral team and current students, making it the perfect insight into life at Rendcomb College. We hope that you will be able to develop a better understanding of the exceptional environment that we have here.

To attend one of our events, please contact our Admissions Team on or 01285 832 306, and they will be delighted to put arrangements in place for you.