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Top Questions you Might be Asked at a Sixth Form Interview

The transition from Secondary School to Sixth Form is an exciting one; new prospects, friendships, experiences and opportunities to focus on your future aspirations. During Year 11 students will start to think about their potential Sixth Form journey. Sixth Form isn’t a one size fits all solution for students - you need to take the time to research which one will be the right fit for you. Do they have a great reputation for sports? Do they offer an interesting array of extra curricular activities? Is it a respectable institution for further education? Once you’ve looked into the potential Sixth Forms to apply to, it’s time to think about the interview itself. Here’s are our top questions:

What Happens at a Sixth Form interview?

The main objective of a Sixth Form interview is to be offered a place. It’s also a chance for you to find out more about the course you’re looking to enroll in. You’ll be meeting with someone from the Sixth Form who will ask a number of questions to find out more about you and your ambitions. It’s also a time to make sure that it’s a good choice for you personally with regards to location and what they have on offer. It won’t be too lengthy, but it is a good time to shine and make a great impression.

Preparation Tips

Making sure you’re prepared for the interview is key. Have you researched some facts about the Sixth Form that will show that you’re keen to enroll with them? Have you got all your documents together that you’ve been asked to provide? Have you completed any extra activities that may have been asked of you before the interview itself? Ensuring that these factors are in order shows that you’re dedicated and organised. First impressions count, so arrive early, look professional and presentable and remember to smile. It’s understandably a nerve-wracking experience, but try your best to relax and be yourself. There are plenty of other students going through the same experience, work with each other to bounce ideas and insights around.

What Sixth Forms are Looking for in their Pupils?

Each individual is different, so it’s what you bring to the table that matters. Sixth Forms are looking for students who are keen and motivated, and will put forward their personalities and qualities to make the Sixth Form thrive. Your predicted results will also be a good indicator of your academic abilities. Another trait that they’ll be looking at is your commitment and passion to do the best that you can.

What Questions to Expect in the Interview?

Sixth Form interviews differ from one another, but here are a few questions to prepare for and bear in mind.

  1. Why do you want to study with us? Demonstrate that you have done your research into why they are your first choice and how you’ll benefit from what they have to offer. 

  2. What are your chosen subjects? Confidentially talk about the courses you’re looking to invest in and why you have an interest in those areas. The interviewee may ask you to teach them something to demonstrate your existing knowledge of the subject. 

  3. What are you hoping to gain from the course? This is your opportunity to say why particular courses are important to you and will assist in your future career aspirations. 

  4. What are your plans after Sixth Form? This can be a tricky question if you haven’t fully decided yet what your next step is. Whether you want to go to University or into an Apprenticeship, there is no wrong answer. As long as you talk about your future aspirations and career plans with positivity and that you’re willing to look at the options available and how Sixth Form can assist with this, especially in specialist areas and helping with UCAS applications. 

  5. What are your other interests beyond academics? If you enjoy sports, performing arts, volunteering, gaming or broadening your outlook with work experience, this is a way to talk about your interests outside of education - many of which can actually help with your career path. 

  6. What is your proudest achievement to date? Whether that’s being a member of a club, achieving better results than predicted, being elected president of the Student Council or starred in a school play, there are plenty of achievements to be proud of - regardless of how small or large they are. This is to show the strength of your character and that you’re driven. 

  7. Do you have any questions you would like to ask? This is a question that also comes up in job interviews and prepares you for that process. It’s your chance to find out more about the Sixth Form and whether it’s the right choice for you. Questions such as, what extra-curricular activities are on offer or what are the library facilities like, are great ones to put forward because you want to find out about the benefits that will help with your course.

Sixth Form Scholarships

A number of Sixth Forms, including Rendcomb, offer a range of scholarships that students can apply for. From Art to Drama, Music and Sport, there are a number of ways to apply for a scholarship based on your talent, potential and what you will add to the Sixth Form. There are some fully-funded places for Year 12 and each year at Rendcomb up to three 100% Year 12 scholarships will be awarded to pupils who are set to achieve at least 56 points from 8 GCSEs or equivalent. At the interview you’ll be asked why you should be awarded a scholarship and may also be required to provide supporting documents and an assessment for the selection process. This is your chance to make your interview memorable and help you come out on top ahead of the competition.

Be confident, clear and show commitment in your answers. It may seem like an overwhelming amount to think about for students and parents alike, but the experience will certainly be worthwhile if you prepare for the interview properly. Find out more on what Rendcomb College can offer Sixth Form students here.