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What are Boarding Schools like?

An extended family like no other that has been 100 years in the making, Rendcomb College is a boarding school full of heritage and high standards. Nestled in the heart of the Cotswolds we pride ourselves on providing a safe and inspirational environment which allows students to flourish. 

Steeped in history dating back to 1920, our 230 acre estate features the main college building which has a fascinating history as well as our own chapel within the campus grounds. Boarding schools in the UK have their own individual sense of place and belonging, and Rendcomb is a fine example of an independent boarding school that has unique qualities which make it stand out from others. Whether that is our Performing Arts Centre in the recently completed Griffin Theatre, incredibly equipped Science labs, astro turfed sports fields or state-of-the art computing suites, there is much on offer. 

What are boarding schools really like?

Stereotypically they would bring up connotations of accommodation that isn’t welcoming and unfriendly staff. We guarantee that Rendcomb College offers the complete opposite to complement the modern student with a modern way of thinking and contemporary facilities. Our mission is to cater for the individual both academically and in their own personal development. Whether that is with a varied programme of activities during and after school, dorms and study bedrooms where you are allowed to inject some personality, or staff who are on hand to advise and assist their needs. Above all though, we provide a community that cares for one another to bring out the best in our students. Rendcomb is an approachable environment with enthusiastic teachers which goes hand in hand with our outstanding facilities and small class sizes. 

Whether your journey has taken you from prep school to day school or senior school, it can be a daunting experience going to a boarding school for the first time. Rest assured, many of our pastoral team have a background in teaching which makes them the perfect mentor to guide you through your first steps and educational life that the school offers. Just remember, everyone was the new pupil at some point in their boarding life. It is an inclusive place where no one is left behind and every voice is heard which provides a great setting for students to thrive. Plus there are plenty of opportunities to develop new hobbies and try different things. This is particularly true of the activities and clubs our boarding team run throughout the week which are specifically designed for the house.

The Senior School boarding houses at Rendcomb are located on the campus within easy reach of the sports facilities and classrooms, and are catered for specific age groups. Pupils who are in Year 10 upwards have their own study bedrooms which are modern, comfortable and can be customised. Meanwhile, younger students share dorms with two to three other students. 

Preparing students for life after Rendcomb College, whether that’s for university or adult life, Sixth Form boarding students live in self-contained rooms. The Old Rectory provides a great space for studying and relaxation in a secure environment. 

There may be times where pupils feel homesick which is completely natural. Our pastoral team understands that it can be emotional and we do our utmost to ensure that communication is open and every child is made to feel welcome. Special occasions are always greatly celebrated at Rendcomb which is a wonderful opportunity to bring everyone together. From Chinese New Year to Thanksgiving and Christmas, our dedicated on-site catering team delivered by Thomas Franks knows how to make meal times feel like home. 

As for life within a boys’ and girls’ boarding school, it truly is a home from home under the guidance of their dedicated houseparents and their pastoral and domestic teams. The family atmosphere that runs throughout enables pupils to make friends for life and memories to last a lifetime. When they return home they will be yearning to come back.