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What Do Boarding Schools Do Better Than Day Schools?

When it comes to life outside of school hours, it’s a myth that everything goes silent - especially at boarding school. With so much on offer from a wide range of extra-curricular activities, social aspects, trips to explore the local area and impeccable facilities, there is plenty to keep everybody entertained. But which is better for your child?

Day school or boarding school?

Boarding schools are renowned for their outstanding social and academic outcomes in comparison to state day and grammar schools. They pride themselves on attracting higher quality teaching staff, with smaller classes, meaning that they are able to focus on a pupil’s development by challenging them or assisting further with their studies. They also have impressive facilities which pupils can utlise outside of school hours to further develop their passions and build on their strengths in the world of performing arts, sport and academia. Another benefit is that they have less distractions and are encouraged to take their studies seriously in their own dormitories when working on homework or in their downtime.

On a personal level, in comparison to day school where you’re restricted to lunch breaks to develop friendships, children who attend boarding schools experience another level of social interaction making friends for life. With the ability to have social interactions in a safe environment, there are plenty of ways to let their hair down after hours. From pizza and film nights, trips to the theatre, sports competitions and social spaces such as on-site nightclubs. Boarding school students are able to grow their personalities and become more confident.

It’s easy to understand why one of the benefits of boarding school pupils become more independent from a younger age. With the facilities on offer to cook for themselves, organise their social diaries away from the classroom and ensure that their dormitories are in ship-shape condition, this prepares them for life after school looking ahead to higher education and beyond. All this under the watchful eye of the pastoral team who are on hand around the clock. Pastoral care is very important, as acting in loco parentis is not something we take lightly, but many students praise how much they enjoy boarding school life and the community it provides. It really is a home from home for those in senior school and sixth form with all the essentials they would need for day to day life. For some schools such as Rendcomb College, holistic development is also important to help grow students into respectable citizens of the future. A strong house and tutor system runs throughout boarding schools to ensure their welfare is looked after and that there is a wealth of school activities to keep them busy.

How can Boarding Schools help parents?

Boarding schools offer parents a number of opportunities where the benefits of boarding can help them - especially if they find it difficult juggling their careers and family life. Many would take their children to the local school, or ask grandparents to look after them after hours, however boarding schools take the stress out of finding an alternative that is convenient for you. For example, if you’re a member of the armed forces and are required to move around quite frequently for your job but want your child to have a stable educational life, boarding schools provide that stability. Alternatively if you’re back and forth from overseas or the city and it’s not practical to take your child with you. Despite not seeing family as often as others, parents are always invited to be involved with school life and support their children. Whether that’s with performances and sports events, or to explore the local area together.

Although day school for your child is a cheaper or free option, there are scholarships and bursaries that can assist with fees at a private school, providing a new window of opportunity to propel their boarding school life. For some schools, including Rendcomb, there is also the option for flexible boarding, which can be useful to parents who would benefit from the best of both. More information on fees you can see our costs of boarding school page

Renowned for their social and academic outcomes, it’s easy to see the many benefits of boarding school for both parents and children. Rendcomb College is a welcoming environment with a highly respected reputation, good facilities and where pupils thrive in their academic and social lives. Our open days give you the chance to have an insight into the world of a private school in Gloucestershire and why it can be a great step forward for your children’s education.