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Why is Pastoral Care Important at Boarding Schools?

Within all educational environments it’s key to remember that all pupils have their own journey. Some may be better at creative subjects and sports, whilst others struggle with certain academic areas. We want every child, from Preparatory to Senior School to build on their confidence, self belief and aim to be the best version of themselves. That’s why pastoral care is a major part of what boarding schools offer. It’s a journey of well-being for all school ages, not only focusing on the academic success of boys and girls, but also their mental health too.

How does Pastoral Care differ in Boarding Schools?

Being in a new environment can be challenging for pupils and that is where our pastoral team help them to thrive. They’ll make new friendships, become more independent and develop into respectable and responsible citizens. Through academic and extracurricular activities pupils will find personal social paths that will give them an identity and help them to flourish. There may be times though when pupils need some extra encouragement.

Pastoral leaders have an empathy and ability to interact with children of all ages and provide appropriate support, it’s their role to help students at independent schools reach their full potential. They may spot certain behaviours and patterns that can identify specific learning differences or difficulties integrating with others. Their holistic approach is to always promote and support physical and mental health to help build character, confidence, social integration and participation in co-curriculum.

UK boarding schools provide some of the best pastoral care available to pupils in education. Tutor’s are assigned to pupils with the specific remit of investing in all aspects of pupil welfare. Looking after pupil welfare is a multi-person job, recognising that acting in loco parentis is a role that comes with great responsibility. Tutors will work with heads of key stage, houseparents and families to help build confidence. We appreciate that at times pupils will need support in overcoming difficult or challenging situations. The responsibility of the pastoral care team is to be part of their development and conquer those challenges together. This is achieved through 1:1 support outside the classroom and by joining in activities relevant to their studies, year group and house.

What Pastoral Care does Rendcomb offer?

At Rendcomb college support is available to all students. Our new learning development centre for active learning is housed in the Old Rectory and is up to date with the latest technology, Microsoft platforms, iPads and large monitor screens. This is one of many examples where we deliver a high standard of support, educational success and a welcoming pastoral environment . Every child has a part to play within life at Rendcomb College and we’re with them every step of the way.