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Senior School & Sixth Form

Mr Marc Silverthorn

Qualifications: BSc Industrial Product Design; MDes Industrial Product Design

Mr Silverthorn came to Rendcomb in 2017 taking up the role as Head of Design and Technology.

Mr Silverthorn has previous experience as a subject leader for Design and Technology at a number of other schools as well as previously being Head of Key Stage 3.

During his short time at Rendcomb, Mr Silverthorn has fully embraced the schools culture and emphasis on outdoor activities, merging this with his passions for technology and design in the form of a Quadcopter club, which he holds as an activity every week.

Outside of Rendcomb Mr Silverthorn is a keen photographer and somewhat of an adrenaline junkie, in particular water sports.

“Rendcomb has such a unique family feel, in that it’s slightly detached from the busy world around it. It provides such an amazing space to study and breed creativity.”

Mr Silverthorn favourite boarding activities are the ‘Task Master’ nights, based around the hit comedy TV show, which see pupils complete different tasks as innovatively as possible against one another.

“My aim as a houseparent is to help students find a balance between studying and downtime. While results at this time are important their happiness, both educationally and personally, are equally so.”

Fun Fact: Mr Silverthorn once worked with Professor Snape!