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Bubbles and bath bombs for Juniors at Senior Science Labs

On Wednesday, Years 5 and 6 had the opportunity to experience the world in a Science outreach session with the Senior School’s Head of Science, Dr Matt Cox.

The pupils took part in two sessions, experimenting with chemicals and substances.

Mr Jon Arnold, Head of Junior School Science, said: “It’s fantastic the Juniors have these advanced facilities on their doorstep with subject specialists in key areas of the curriculum. It gives them the opportunity to expand and add to their knowledge past what we teach in a normal classroom.”

Year 5 tested the viscosity of liquids including washing up liquid, honey, water and glycerol. Pupils had to record the time it took for air bubbles to travel from one end of a test tube to the other. They alsodropped objects into the liquids and timed how long they took to get to the bottom. They then looked at how temperature affects the viscosity of the liquids.

Year 6 made bath bombs from Citric Acid and Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate.

The pupils were given a set of instructions to follow in order to create their bath bombs with a choice of a peppermint or lavender fragrance. They mixed the chemicals and moulded them into festive Christmas shapes.

Science at Rendcomb

The Junior School studies Science as part of their curriculum benefiting from a newly developed Science Laboratory while also having access to the Senior School Laboratories for tailored activities.

The Senior School has two dedicated laboratories for each Chemistry, Biology and Physics each designed specifically for the subject. Biologists have privileged access to the school grounds which allow unparalleled ecology work including sampling of freshwater ponds, streams, grassland, a deer park, forest and meadow habitats.

Chemists benefit from Gold-standard laboratories with separate wet/dry areas for specific topic areas.