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Bard of Windmill Hill gives storytelling masterclass

Rendcomb College pupils from Years 5 to 8 welcomed the award winning storyteller, Trevor Carter, to the Griffin Theatre for a day of poetry workshops.

Pupils from both the Prep and Senior Schools took part in a variety of poetry and storytelling workshops run by Head of English, Mrs Sarah Read, and Trevor.

Speaking about the day, Trevor said: “It is great to see the minds of the pupils engaging with the subject and the art of poetry.”

The sessions focused on the current syllabus with the Prep School looking at the techniques and structures in poetry while the Seniors looked at gothic poetry and stories such as Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.

The pupils in both workshops were tasked with continuing one of Trevor’s poems in the style he intended. Years 5 and 6 got creative with the story of Mr Hog, the Hedgehog and Years 7 and 8 shed a new light on the story of Mr Frank. N. Stein.

The session concluded with a Poetry Slam, pitting groups of pupils against each other in a poem versus poem contest.

Trevor concluded his visit  by reading a poem from his latest book.

Trevor, also known as the Bard of Windmill Hill, was voted the Storyteller of the Year in 2014 after competing against poets and authors from all over the world. He is known for his theatrical and engaging storytelling, which, combined with his own poetic work, leaves his audiences enthralled.