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Mindfulness in Schools Project arrives at Rendcomb

Rendcomb College now has access to the teaching of the Mindfulness in Schools Project (MiSP) curriculum which aims to improve the lives of children by making a genuine, positive difference to their mental health and wellbeing within education

Head of Safeguarding, Mrs Michelle Lucas-Halliwell has been trained to teach a MiSP curriculum for both 7 – 11 and 11 – 18 year olds.

The Paws b curriculum for 7 – 11 year olds looks to teach pupils about the brain and all of the amazing things it can do. The curriculum teaches pupils that everybody gets nervous and anxious and provides pupils with techniques to deal with such emotions and how to promote happiness despite these feelings.

The .b curriculum for 11 – 18 year olds looks to show individuals how to recognise worry and understand how to deal with stress and anxiety by stepping back and not letting their emotions get carried away.

The benefits of these courses are widely recognised with PhD’s written on the effects of .b on adolescents at Coventry and Leeds Universities in the UK and Finders University in Australia, and Educational Psychology Doctorates at Queen’s University Belfast, Cardiff University, and Bristol University. These studies indicate that the programmes are beneficial and that they have significant potential to improve psychological wellbeing and attention within pupils.

Evidence shows that across the UK, mental health issues in children are increasing while child wellbeing is deteriorating. The social and emotional skills, knowledge and behaviours that students at Rendcomb will learn through the wellbeing programme, including mindfulness can help set the pattern for how they will manage their mental health throughout their lives.

Emotional wellbeing is a clear indicator of academic achievement, success and satisfaction in later life. Evidence shows that mental health and wellbeing programmes in schools, can lead to significant improvements in children’s mental health, and social and emotional skills. Wellbeing provision in schools can also lead to reductions in classroom misbehaviour and bullying.

Mrs Michelle Lucas-Halliwell, a trained Paws b and .b teacher, said: “I used to be very sceptical of the benefits of mindfulness, however, I decided to learn more and it has had a big impact on how I manage my life, in particular in dealing with difficult and stressful situations. I am really looking forward to introducing these skills and techniques to our students”.

Wellbeing seminars

All parents and guardians of children at Rendcomb College are invited to attend a free wellbeing seminar led by expert, Jon Bocklemann-Evans.

Jon’s highly acclaimed courses have won praise from hundreds of educational organisations including independent schools, academies and state schools.

This ground-breaking seminar provides essential knowledge and techniques that you can use to help your children grow into responsible, resilient and resourceful adults capable of steering a successful path through life.