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The Otters and Nursery perform their Nativity

The Otters and Nursery performed their fantastic 'Higgledy Piggledy' Nativity in the Griffin Theatre. This was the first time that they had performed their Nativity in the theatre. All the pupils performed beautifully on the stage in front of all their parents, grandparents and friends. Mr Roberts, the Junior School Headmaster joined the children on stage, dressed as a giraffe for the last song! 








Imagine squeezing into a  stable in Bethlehem as oxen, sheep, mice, chickens, turkeys and goats try to settle down for a quiet night’s sleep. What happened next  when news of imminent arrivals comes to their attention? A quick tidy up was needed so that the  stable was presentable for their visitors.








And what special visitors they were, as the animals learnt when Mary and Joseph arrived, closely followed by baby Jesus. Then there  were the shepherds and kings to consider too. All in all, it was a higgledy-piggledy stable, but one where a warm welcome was guaranteed.

Everyone was in agreement about how wonderful the Nativity was and refreshments and mince pies were enjoyed in the Griffin Theatre's foyer afterwards.