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Covid-19 – Practical steps for re-opening Rendcomb College

We are looking forward to welcoming the first students back to school on Tuesday, 2 June. In making the decision to re-open we have undertaken the following steps: 

1. Followed Government guidance throughout.

2. Asked parents to indicate yes or no to their child returning.

3. Taken full account of all the documentation and guidance available to us via national and local sources, including various professional associations.

4. Taken account of the local level infection rate of 174.1 (as at 1st June) compared with a national rate of 271.9 for England.

5. Consulted with Governors, unions, the health and safety committee, staff, and insurers.

6. Undertaken a detailed risk assessment. 
Our practical steps are as follows:

  •  Classes will be in a bubble at all times, with consistent staff.  
  • There will be no interaction between different year groups.
  •  Year 6 pupils will continue to undertake remote learning, but will do so in a class based environment.
  •  Year 1 pupils will have a blend of remote learning and class based learning.
  •  Reception pupils will have a blend of remote learning and class based learning.
  •  Nursery pupils will have setting-based activities and programmes.
  •  High-risk items such as soft toys have been removed from classrooms temporarily.
  •  We will utilise the outdoor environment as much as possible for both curriculum time and break times.
  •  We will be offering a revised timetable to include for appropriate sporting activities as may be relevant for each age group.
  •  We are operating under staggered start and finish times with clearly defined drop-off and collection zones specific for each year group.
  •  A full cleaning programme is in place for all areas of the school where pupils will be. In addition, there will be suitable cleaning products immediately accessible in the classroom at all times.
  •  Lunch times will be catered for in a revised format to maintain social distancing and prevent handling of shared items.
  •  We have a greater ratio of First Aid trained staff than normal, including paediatric staff.
  • Appropriate signage will be in place throughout the school to remind people of the social distancing requirements.
  •  We will keep our risk assessment until continual review and will make necessary changes or alterations to provision should the situation require us to.