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About Us

Our Mission

 Our mission is to develop thoughtfuladventurous and ambitious life-long learners with the confidence, character and skills to succeed in the ever-changing world after school. Our pupils have the freedom to experience, explore and enquire about the world around them. We aim to encourage independence and inclusivity in a safe, caring community and magnificent natural environment.

To achieve this we will:

  • Promote a growth mind-set, where abilities can be developed through dedication and hard-work;
  • Provide a co-curriculum that will challenge and support character development, leadership and teamwork;
  • Encourage individualism, creativity and contribution to a nurturing and collaborative community;
  • Engender physical, spiritual and mental well‑being through a strong pastoral system;
  • Prepare pupils for a life beyond school;
  • Develop an appreciation for and responsible attitude towards their environment and surroundings.