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Senior School & Sixth Form

Oxbridge Preparation and MedVet Society


For students who aspire to apply to Oxford or Cambridge, we support and encourage them throughout their journey. Students will work with teachers in their subject area to develop their skills and to extend and challenge them in their chosen subject/s. 

Candidates are identified early in Year 12, are allocated a subject mentor and are supported in the ‘Morgan Group.’ In Moving On week, they will visit Oxford University to gain an insight into the Oxbridge process and experience. Following this, in the first term of Year 13, those applying for Oxford or Cambridge will have a formal mock interview involving an outside expert.

Oxbridge applicants are supported throughout the process by the Head of Sixth Form and their tutor.

Below is the full Oxbridge Preparation Pathway (OPP) that our students follow.

Oxbridge Preparation Pathway 


Oxbridge Preparation Pathway

  1. Each Rendcomb student is given a 1-2-1 Futures interview with a member of SMT following the SACU Tests which take place during our PSHE program. In addition some will be invited to join the Morgan Academic group as part of the College’s Gifted and Talented provision.
  2. All Year 12 students take the CEM ALIS Test, the results of these are shared with students to help agree on Target Grades. Conversations will take place with students regarding their ambitions and suitability for the Oxbridge program.
  3. Interested students are invited to a lunch presentation with the Head of Sixth Form who outlines and explains the Oxbridge application and selection process. Information from this meeting is sent home to parents of interested pupils for discussion.
  4. Parents are invited into College to meet with their student’s Tutor and they will discuss target grades and suitability. Chances graphs from the ALIS can be shared at this point.
  5. Students attend a seminar in Bristol specifically on Oxbridge with the Head of Sixth Form.
  6. Following the November Internal Exams, the Tutor will have a discussion with students about their aspiration for Oxbridge and suitable subjects and colleges.
  7. Students are assigned a subject mentor. This will be a member of teaching staff. Allocation will depend upon the course the student wishes to study. Where possible, someone with personal knowledge of the Oxbridge process will be assigned.
  8. Students will be given a generic check-list of tasks to help support their application. In conjunction with the mentor the student will create a bespoke preparation plan to allow preparations for any aptitude tests or supplementary information specifically required for their course.
  9. Regular mentor meetings – the timings of these will depend upon the level of support required. It is suggested twice per half term as a guide and students will arrange the meetings.  
  10. Each half term, all Oxbridge students will meet together for a working lunch with the Head of Sixth Form to discuss progress and watch a webinar on the application process and current affairs.
  11. Following the June Internal Exams, Tutors will have a discussion with students about their aspiration for Oxbridge and suitable subjects.
  12. Moving On Week – this week-long event will involve sessions specifically for Oxbridge students in addition to the standard program. This will include webinars with the Head of Teaching and Learning on ‘Writing an Application’ and ‘Aptitude Tests’.
  13. Oxbridge students visit Oxford University with the Head of Teaching and Learning on their Open Day. Students follow their own itinerary, visiting colleges and departments and attend sessions regarding admissions and college life.
  14. Students who wish to make an application will attend a subject mock interview, possibly externally. This will aid problem solving and critical thinking.
  15. Oxbridge students will be helped with their UCAS applications and supplementary information through Unifrog.
  16. Aptitude tests are completed on campus.
  17. Students invited to interview will receive a second interview practice – the format will attempt to mirror the Oxbridge interview as closely as possible to their faculty e.g. panel interview or multiple mini interviews.
  18. Most Oxbridge interviews take place in December on campus.
  19. Students invited to interview will be offered a second interview practice session. The format of this will aim to be as close to the expected format for the specific college and course applied for.
  20. Offers are usually sent in two waves in January.

MedVet Society

M​​​​​edVet is a Society for any aspiring medics, vets or any student interested in related careers, such as Pharmacology, Immunology, Zoology and Healthcare sciences.

Sessions involve exploring and discussing NHS “Hot Topics”, the Four Pillars of Medical Ethics, the issues facing the NHS and the role of the media in medical communication. Students also spend time researching their own areas of interest such as rare diseases or treatments in current research. They present their findings to the Society.

For those applying for Medicine or Veterinary Science themselves, we practise interview questions and MMI (multi mini interview) circuit scenarios, as well as preparing for BMAT/ UKCAT entrance tests. We also discuss merits and requirements of work experience and draw out examples of skill development involved, ready for UCAS applications and interviews.

For those students not applying directly for those courses, we undertake specific career exploration and discuss the realm of healthcare or medical related opportunities and the pathways to get involved.