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Aimee Ratapana

Sports Coach

Sports Taught:

  • Lacrosse
  • Hockey
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Badminton


  • Ba Physical Education
  • Level 2 lacrosse Coach
  • Level 2 Lacrosse Umpire
  • level 1 Unassessed Hockey Umpire
  • Cardio Tennis Teachers Certificate
  • Development of Basketball Coach

Past Experience

  • Player at Leeds Metropolitan (Beckett) Lacrosse Team
  • Lacrosse Coach at University of Leeds
  • Lacrosse Coach at Ampleforth Abbey and College
  • Lacrosse Coach and Counsellor at Crane Lake camp, Massachusetts, USA
  • Assistant Programme Director at Crane Lake Camp, Massachusetts, USA

What made you want to coach sports? 
Anyone who teaches or coaches sports loves the sport they teach. I am no different and want to give others the opportunity to enjoy and play the sports they enjoy and hopefully instil the love for the game that I have for lacrosse.

I have gained so much from being a part of a team and playing sports and I want to give others the same opportunity to learn and get the most out of their given sport.

What are your goals as a sports coach?                                     
For all pupils to enjoy the sport that they play and to be able to participate at a level suited to them, whether that be advanced or even beginner. We all have to start somewhere and all have the ability to improve no matter the level we play at. It is important we all develop at our own pace and push ourselves to a level best suited for us.

What are your highlights as a sports coach?                                                         
While coaching lacrosse at the University of Leeds, the team reached the Semi-finals of the British Universities and Colleges Sport Lacrosse Cup, consisting of universities from all across the country. The team also reached the premiership promotion play offs but unfortunately weren’t successful.

While at Rendcomb a highlight has been reaching the Small Schools Lacrosse Tournament final in March 2018 and also the lacrosse tour to Germany in October 2018.

Who is your favourite sports personality and why?

Jessica Ennis-Hill

While a student at Leeds Metropolitan she would train regularly at the university campus and would always be friendly if we spoke to her. She was always very supportive of the students and gave advice and motivation to anyone who spoke to her.

She was also a phenomenal athlete and showed immense dedication and commitment to the sport by becoming Olympic champion and a three time world champion, one of which was achieved only a year after having a baby!