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Day & Boarding Options

Day boarders enjoying time togetherPlease find information below about the different evening and overnight options available for day pupils. 

We are a family and when a day pupil stays late or overnight, they are staying at their home-from-home with their friends, caring Houseparents and their excellent pastoral teams.

With classmates, friends and siblings staying too, homework is supervised, the daily commute is reduced and the College facilities are open for organised social events and sports. Within the House, pupils enjoy pizza nights, baking, playing games, watching TV and simply being part of the wider boarding community.

Both Day pupils and Boarders share the same Houses, enabling strong friendships and comradery to flourish among all pupils throughout the College.

Pupils can board when they join the Senior School in Year 7 though to Sixth Form. From Year 10 upwards, all Boarders have their own modern, comfortable study bedrooms which can be personalised, whilst the younger pupils share dormitories with two or three other school pupils.

The four Houses at Rendcomb College are located on the school’s campus and within easy reach of classrooms and sports facilities. Each with their own character and style, the Houses offer an ideal setting for all pupils to thrive and develop under the guidance of the Houseparents and their pastoral and domestic teams.

Late Stay

The school day finishes at 5pm and day pupils can stay until 6pm at no extra charge. They will be supervised by a member of staff in their Boarding House and they can do their homework until they are collected. Parents picking up until 6pm collect their child from their child's Boarding House.

For day pupils who wish to stay on at school after 6pm, a charge of £2.75 will be added to the end of term bill to cover the cost of supper. After supper, pupils will  go back to their House for further supervised homework and evening activities. Parents picking up after 6pm collect children from House. There will be a ‘latest’ pick up time which will vary from House to House and will be published by the Houseparents.

The cost: Free before 6pm, £2.75 thereafter.

Occasional Boarding

Occasional Boarding is for day pupils who wish to stay overnight on an ad hoc basis on just a few nights per term. For example, after a school concert or to join in with a boarder’s birthday party. The Houseparents will be as accommodating as possible, although Occasional Boarding is subject to availability. 

We are unable to guarantee the same bed each night for Occasional Boarders, however, this option provides families with the opportunity to book last-minute stays at school providing greater flexibility. 

The cost: 

£39.00 per night for pupils in Year 7, 8 and 9 up to 8 nights per term.
£50 per night for pupils in Year 10, 11, 12 and 13 up to 8 nights per term.
Once a pupil has accrued 8 nights in a term, the cost will be £54 per night for all year groups.

Flexi boarding

Families can pre-select specific night(s) each week to board across an entire term. These nights must be booked in advance of the start of each term. Wherever possible, we will allocate the same bed space, however, it will not be possible for personal items to be left at school when the pupil is not boarding. 

Flexi Boarding must be a fixed number of nights per week but nights do not have to be consecutive (for example, a two night stay might be Monday and Thursday). In the event of a shortage of space, priority will be given to those booking greater numbers of nights. Once booked, the nights are non-refundable and non-transferable. Please note that the Flexi Boarding option is not available to pupils whose parents do not reside in the UK.

The cost (per term) effective September 2021:

  1 night per week
(cost per term)
2 nights per week
(cost per term)
3 nights per week
(cost per term)
Year 7, 8 and 9 £345 £685 £1030
Year 10 and 11 £450 £900 £1350
Year 12 and 13 £500 £1000 £1485
Weekly and Full Boarding

Families looking for regular boarding can select either our Weekly or Full Boarding option. Our weekly boarding rate is currently only available for pupils in Year 7, 8 and 9. All Weekly and Full Boarders will have their own bed and they may bring in decorative items and personal effects. Belongings may be kept at College throughout the term.

Weekly boarders can be dropped off at school on either Sunday night or Monday morning and may be collected on Friday evening or on Saturday after fixtures or the new enrichment programme. Full boarders may stay at school throughout each term and will go home for Exeat weekends and Half Term holidays. Full boarders are able to return home at evenings or weekends when needed.

The cost (per term, inclusive of school tuition fees):

  Weekly boarding 
(Cost per term)
Full Boarding
(Cost per term)
Year 7 and 8 £8,700 £9,775
Year 9 £10,750 £11,995
Year 10, 11, 12 and 13 N/A £12,650