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International Pupils

International Cafe

Once a week our pupils have an opportunity to attend the International Cafe.  This is hosted by the International prefects and held within the International department. Pupils can expect a warm welcome where they may ask questions, request support or advice from the prefects and forge new friendships whilst enjoying some delicious refreshments provided by our team of chefs.  The laughter that can often be heard form this session fills the international corridors!

The International prefects dedicate time to different topics, discussions and tasks.  Some of the more recent sessions have included:

  • International event preparation: Creating posters and games for the International Celebration Evening; practicing dance routines for the International Stars Concert.
  • Creating noticeboard displays using posters and photos from previous international events.
  • Hosting the Japanese Morioka First High School pupils.
  • EU/Brexit referendum discussion.
  • Eurovision Song Contest review and debate.
  • Nominating students for International Relations Commendations.
  • Cultural sharing about different events. Eg. Christmas and Easter.
  • Essay structuring discussions.
  • Sharing revision techniques.