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How Do I Know Rendcomb College is Right for My Child?

Matching the best school to your child's specific needs, wants and goals can be complex. Rendcomb College offers ongoing communication, collaboration and transparency, leading to peace of mind.

The pros and cons of choosing a school for your child can differ from family to family.

For example, the list of awards and accolades held by Rendcomb College could pale into insignificance for a potential student who simply wants somewhere they ‘fit in’.

However, all parents want the best education for their son or daughter, and an environment in which they are safe, well cared for and properly supported in developing life skills.

So, how do you know that you’ve found the right school? Are there ways to evaluate an independent boarding school – especially Rendcomb College – before signing on the dotted line?

Of course, reassurance that you have made the right education choice is needed well beyond enrolment day! Rendcomb College parents are naturally keen to receive regular information to help them assess their child’s level of enjoyment and engagement.

Let us look at some of the ways Rendcomb College informs, enlightens and inspires parents, and communicates effectively day after day.

Online research into top private schools

For many parents and young people, the first step to finding the right independent school is internet research.

It is why Rendcomb College keeps its website constantly refreshed and packed with news about both academic and non-academic life at this leading day and boarding school. This digital information will always include the sort of insights parents need, and answers to the most common questions. Such as, ‘How do I know Rendcomb College is right for my child?”

Matching your child to the best independent school

If the answers you need are not online, then you can be sure they will come from one-to-one direct contact.

The help given to parents who are weighing up private schools is extensive and highly individualised. Questions and requests for additional information are always dealt with swiftly and thoroughly. This includes email exchanges and telephone conversations. Our approachable and friendly team are adept and empathetic when parents seek reassurances of a personal nature.

To support this process of communication and transparency, Rendcomb College also arranges open days and private tours. These enable families to get ‘up close’ to its teaching and pastoral staff; and also the school’s purpose-designed features, modern equipment, stunning environment and palpable ambience.

See for yourself! Ongoing accountability and information.

This level of detailed and personalised interaction with parents is not concentrated purely on your initial decision making. It is all part of Rendcomb College’s ethos of working closely with parents – and other guardians of course.

Your child will benefit from the regular parent-teacher contact you would expect from a superlative independent school. Regular reporting will include both written  reports and parent/teacher meetings, though our staff are contactable all through term times.

Rendcomb College offers a very ‘person-centred’ approach to education and care. If each child is to get the best experience and education from their time with us, then ‘joined-up thinking’ and collaborative care are vital. Two-way communication with parents is the core principle of this.

By the way, not all the liaison and social contact between Rendcomb College is focused on moulding education provision around the needs and aspirations of your child. We think its important to have fun times at boarding school, and that includes you!

It is why we have concerts, sports fixtures and events that include our students’ families. We make great memories of school days, not just strong minds.

Independent school reviews from parents and children

There are aspects of a Rendcomb College school experience that are impossible, to sum up adequately online or even during a visit to our lovely premises. The best people to reassure you of our caring and nurturing environment, are the parents and students who have already benefited.

So, should you wish to speak to a alumni, or a parent, then please let us know.

We are confident that their testimony – added to all the other highly individualised information we provide - will help you make this important decision in an informed and contented manner.

No one knows your child better than you do. So get in touch to set up a private and confidential chat and we can plan the best way to answer any and all your questions and concerns.