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Sports & Activities at Rendcomb College (and peace too)

You will be well aware of the massive national concerns about childhood obesity and the falling levels of fitness and health among increasingly sedentary young people.

That is something Rendcomb College believes can be easily counterbalanced, by the provision of a compelling range of fun sports and activities.

That’s not to say our students face a regimented and punishing fitness schedule each week! Far from it. That myth about public schools needs to be consigned to the past, as Rendcomb is a modern and progressive independent school that personalises its education and development offering.

Which means each student has a relevant amount of exercise and physical skill development built into their week. Then, they are offered an unparalleled choice of extra sports and activities to do in their free time.

How to get young people involved in sports and activities

Rendcomb College finds that the enthusiasm and commitment of its students to sports and activities – within and outside the curriculum – far outweighs the level you would expect from modern young people.

The reasons are clear, including the ease of access to quality coaching and support. One of the benefits of residential education at a top independent school – especially one situated in the Cotswolds – is having an array of sports and hobby opportunities ‘on your doorstep’.

No need for busy working parents to co-ordinate after school schedules, when all the skill and enjoyment opportunities are a normal part of your living environment!

Another reason our students embrace sports and activities so willingly – and achieve such advanced status – is the quality of the coaching we provide. Our own staff and carefully selected outside training facilities (such as expert riding stables) help students to find their own level and then exceed their own expectations.

Choice of opportunity

Another advantage for Rendcomb College students - that helps to account for their enthusiasm for sports and activities - is of course choice!

Being a student at our school means you’re never far away from an opportunity to develop a new interest or progress an existing one – from traditional competitive sports to contemporary interests and hobbies.

What sort of sports and activities do independent schools offer? For example, clay pigeon shooting, horse riding and canoeing are popular options at our school alongside rugby, cricket, fencing, hockey and football. Our young people get fit with yoga and Zumba or challenge themselves with climbing or sailing tuition.

We offer excellent ‘taster sessions’ and coaching in unfamiliar sports and activities to widen their horizons, test their abilities and potentially find a new interest they want to progress further.

Activities for non-sporting young people

Our extensive list of options does not include sitting in their room, on their own, playing with electronic gadgets for hours! If that prospect fills your son or daughter with panic, fear not.

With so many ways to have fun and challenge themselves with friends, we never find that our pupils pine for isolation and screens! However, we are also aware that some students prefer more cerebral challenges.

For example, we offer abundant art, music, performance skills and language coaching. Students can develop creative writing prowess or learn cookery or first aid. They can delve deeper into the wonderful world of science or explore technology.

Personalised and well measured

The list goes on. It makes the phrase ‘something for everyone’ wholly appropriate.

Just as importantly, if a student or prospective student at Rendcomb College expresses an interest in something not on our current list, we see it as an opportunity to expand our options even further!

It’s important to note though, that alongside this rich array of residential school sports and activities, Rendcomb College also offers students another important thing – peace and quiet. For some students, a chance to find a little solitude and rest during their busy weeks is important too. For more information, check our what is boarding school like guide

Rendcomb College believes in balance, being an inclusive boarding school for boys and girls and in letting students find their own path to improved learning and acquisition of life skills. We also believe learning is accelerated when young people are happy; and for some of them, engaging in sports and activities is central to that.