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Term Dates

Summer term 2022
Boarders Wednesday, 20 April
Day pupils Thursday, 21 April
Exeat 5pm Friday, 29 April to 6pm Monday, 2 May
Founder's Day Friday, 27 May
Half Term After Founder's Day on Friday, 27 May to 6pm Sunday, 5 June
Term Ends Wednesday, 6 July
Michaelmas term 2022 
Boarders Monday, 5 September
Day pupils Tuesday, 6 September
Half Term 5pm Friday, 21 October to 6pm Sunday, 6 November
Term Ends Friday, 16 December 
Lent term 2023
Boarders Monday, 9 January 
Day pupils Tuesday, 10 January
Half Term 5pm Friday, 17 February to 6pm Sunday, 26 February
Term Ends Friday, 31 March
Summer term 2023 
Boarders Wednesday, 19 April
Day pupils Thursday, 20 April
Exeat 5pm Friday, 28 April to 6pm Monday, 1 May
Founder's Day Friday, 26 May
Half Term After Founder's Day on Friday, 26 May to 6pm Sunday, 4 June
Term Ends Friday, 7 July