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What Boarding Schools Are Doing During Coronavirus Lockdown

As the UK enters its sixth week of  Covid-19 lockdown, staff at Rendcomb College are making the most of the facilities we have available to help the local community. 

From preparing food, making PPE and keeping the people of Rendcomb fit and healthy, Rendcomb College is doing everything they can to support their local community and the wider area.

Here are a few of the things we have been up to over the last 6 weeks.


Making facial shields to helps local NHS key workers

During the Easter holidays, Mr Silverthorn and his two young daughters were busy setting up production of facial shields for NHS key workers.

Using the laser cutter in the DT classroom, Mr Silverthorn was able to make facial shields for Abingdon District Nursing Unit, the Sue Ryder Hospice in Leckhampton, the Cheltenham Radiotherapy Unit, Cheltenham ENT Department and Yorkleigh GP surgery in Cheltenham.

Thanks to Mr Silverthorn and his family our local NHS key workers will stay a little bit safer during the Coronavirus pandemic.

You can read the full article here.

Provide meals to the vulnerable during the Covid-19 period

The Thomas Franks Catering team, Catering Manager, Dean Collins and Head Chef, Chris Vanhoeck at Rendcomb College have opened a pop-up shop to support the local community and local suppliers during the coronavirus lockdown.

The team are also delivering around 50 meals a week to vulnerable members of the local community who are self-isolating, which include complimentary bread and milk.

Rendcomb College and Thomas Franks have also partnered with two other local community projects; The Gloucestershire Grace Network and The Long Table. 

Together they aim to deliver 1,200 meals to the most vulnerable adults and children in Gloucestershire from the Rendcomb kitchen.

Thanks to the strong partnership between Thomas Franks and Rendcomb catering team, welcome support will be provided to those who need it most.

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Rendcomb College sets the local community a fitness challenge

To keep active and healthy during lockdown, Rendcomb College is inviting the local community to complete a weekly sporting challenge.

We are asking people to walk, run or cycle as many metres as they can each week and add their distance to our Strava Club app, where you can see our leaderboards and how many metres we’ve covered so far.

The aim is to cover 1 million metres per week and we need staff, pupils and local families to help complete our weekly challenge. 

So, if you need an excuse to get your trainers on, why not take part in the Rendcomb 1 million metres challenge.

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