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Why Rendcomb College is so special

Photographs of the award-winning Rendcomb College and its stunning Cotswold location aren’t a complete ‘picture’. 

Nor can facts and figures about this leading independent boarding school provide all the information you will need.

That's because much of what makes Rendcomb College so special is intangible, and tied up with the emotional response of boarders, day pupils and even the school’s dedicated staff team.

Not that this detracts from Rendcomb College’s superb track record for excellence over its two decades of history. Nor does it devalue the work done to create outstanding, well-equipped facilities for education and an enjoyable lifestyle.

However, atmosphere and acceptance can be everything!

An authentic learning environment, nurturing individuals

This is something the team at Rendcomb College ‘invest’ heavily in, not in terms of cash, but effort and care from staff passionate about what they do.

The aim of the school is to create supportive, individualised learning opportunities in classrooms, technical labs and study halls. Students benefit from calm, nurturing spaces, where they can develop their own knowledge and abilities to maximum advantage.

Exploration, challenge and fun

What about outside school hours? This is important for boys and girls who board, but day pupils will find their extra curriculum options are wide and exciting too!

There’s a good reason why Rendcomb College Head Rob Jones refers to attendance as an ‘adventure’. The accommodation, grounds and busy event programme at Rendcomb College are geared to making sure each student can ‘live their best life’ while in the school’s care.

This includes developing new hobbies and interests - and enjoying existing ones – and challenging themselves with fun experiences. Browse the activities programme to see the diversity and inclusivity built into it.

Nurturing connections and discipline

You need to add another layer to ‘what makes Rendcomb College special’. Having such a happy, fulfilled and well-nurtured community of learners creates a school spirit second to none. The friendships formed, and the positive influences gained, leave an imprint that will last a lifetime.

Forget all those terrible myths about boarding school hardships and ‘character forming’. That’s a very long way from the effect of a Rendcomb College education! 

Instead, every student will find their own path, and grow and develop their own unique personality, without hindrance or control.

There is discipline at the school – to keep the young people safe, and to help them learn social norms and values. However, many of the school rules revolve around respect – respect for themselves, for fellow students and for staff. This too is a character quality and social grace that will equip them well for whatever life path they choose.

Emotional and mental health

Many boarders and day pupils at Rendcomb College are teenagers, which means not every day is a ‘bed of roses’!

The school provides students with caring support for when things ‘go wrong’ or they have personal challenges and setbacks. This includes house parents recruited for their warmth, resilience and ability to tackle the everyday realities of youth! These are professional, trained 'parents' who offer affectionate support around the clock.

’Fuelling’ this caring atmosphere

Not all the special features of Rendcomb College are about intangibles and the emotional climate of the school though.

Have you ever noticed how moody people get when they’re hungry?

Seriously, providing students with nutritious but appealing menus is all part of what makes Rendcomb College special. The catering team’s motto is: ‘"Fresher food, fresher thinking.” The chefs make sure that every pupil has their dietary needs and preferences met, but also that everyone enjoys meal times!

Rendcomb College knows what 'special' is

Clearly, what truly makes Rendcomb College an outstanding independent school for boys and girls is how deeply it appreciates the individual needs of every boy and girl in its care. Including matching their intellectual, emotional, social and nutritional requirements in a way that allows them the freedom to grow their own special, unique personalities.